Installation Instructions

  1. Obtain Perl 5.6.1 or later. Download it and unpack it into a directory srcdir/perl/src where srcdir is the directory containing the source to SysInfo™. As of SysInfo™ 7.0.1-H14, Perl is a required component. Without Perl, SysInfo™ CLI, GUI, and Perl APIs will not function.

  2. If you wish to use the SysInfo™ GUI, download a copy of Perl-Tk and unpack it into a directory srcdir/perlmodules/Tk/src where srcdir is the directory containing the source to SysInfo™. If you just want to use the SysInfo™ Command Line Interface (CLI), you can skip this step.

  3. Follow the instructions to Download the source distribution. You should have a file named mcsysinfo-7.0.1-H14.tar.gz

  4. Unpack the distribution:

    gzip -d mcsysinfo-7.0.1-H14.tar.gz | tar -xf -
  5. By default, configure will choose the name of the compiler which is correct for the system platform. However, if you have done things like make cc a link to gcc this may not work correctly in some cases. See the Build Notes for more specific details.

    If you need to specify a compiler to use, then specify one now by setting the environment variable $CC to the name of the compiler to use. For csh users use:

    setenv CC compiler

    For sh/bash/ksh users use:

    CC=compiler;export CC

    where compiler is the name of the compiler to use. i.e cc or gcc.

  6. Run the configure program to build configuration information for your system:

    Without any options configure will build SysInfo™ with an installation directory of /opt/sysinfo. If you wish to specify an installation directory, then use the --prefix=dir argument. For instance, to use /tools/sysinfo as the main directory, run:

    ./configure --prefix=/tools/sysinfo
  7. Now compile and build everything by running make (make sure to use GNU make):

  8. If you are installing into a directory where SysInfo™ is already installed, you will need to uninstall the existing version or install SysInfo™ into a different directory. To uninstall the existing SysInfo™, run

    rm -rf prefix

    where prefix is the directory where SysInfo™ is already installed.

  9. To install everything, run the following:

    make install

  10. If you are ready to install a license, copy the license file into prefix/config/license.mcl where prefix prefix is the directory which SysInfo™ was installed into.

  11. The installation is now complete. To run SysInfo™, open a shell prompt and run:


    If you installed SysInfo™ in a directory not in your $PATH then you'll need to specify the full pathname. i.e.