mcsysinfositeinfo — MagniCompSysInfo™ Site Information file


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A SiteInfo file is used by mcsysinfo(1) to obtain site specific information. This information is reported by SysInfo when the SiteInfo class is requested. SiteInfo information is arbitrary. There is no knowledge of specific SiteInfo variables or content built into SysInfo. The information is free form and can be most any ASCII data the site requests.

The purpose of this data is to allow a site to set highly site specific information about a system and have that data accessable via standard SysInfo user interfaces and API's. Such information might include the company's name, site name, building, and/or company asset number.

When the SiteInfo class is requested, SysInfo will search for and read each of the following files that it finds (in order):

  • $HOME/.mcsysinfo/siteinfo

  • /etc/mcsysinfo/siteinfo

  • $SysInfoDir/config/siteinfo

where $SysInfoDir is the top level directory where SysInfo is installed (/opt/sysinfo is the default).

SiteInfo files can be created/modified with a text editor or via the mcsysinfocli(1) command with the --siteinfo-var, --siteinfo-desc, --siteinfo-value, and --siteinfo-scope options.

Each SiteInfo file consists of one data entry per line. Each line consists of the following fields which are deliminted by the | (vertical pipe) character:

Field #NameContent
1VariableA unique name used as the variable name (keyword).
2DescriptionA short sentence describing what this data means.
3ValueThe actual value for this data.


The following is an example siteinfo file:

# Sample SysInfo Site Information file
# Format of this file is:
#	Variable|Description|Value
Company|Company Name|Acme Inc
Site|Site Name|San Jose
Building|Building Name|SJC1
AssetNumber|Acme Asset Number|123456