Chapter 2. Overview

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How to Run SysInfo™ Java API

This chapter will discuss how to use the SysInfo™ Java Application Programming Interface (API). This API provides full access to all SysInfo™ data classes and requires no user-supplied parsing of SysInfo™ data. Each SysInfo™ data class is provided as a discrete Java object. The API functions by executing SysInfo™ and parsing the XML output which is then returned to the caller as Java objects.

The API is fully cross platform compatible on all platforms supported by SysInfo™ including Linux, Mac, Unix, and Windows. A Java application developed with the SysInfo™ Java API can be built once and installed on any SysInfo™ supported platform without the need to recompile on each platform.

The full API is documented in the SysInfo Java Reference Manual.


The SysInfo™ Java API requires the following:

  • The SysInfo™ "Full runtime environment" distribution named mcsysinfo-version-platform or the "Runtime environment without any user interface" distribution named mcsysinfo-noui-version-platform Both are available for download from
  • The SysInfo™ "Software Developer's Kit" (SDK) distribution named mcsysinfo-sdk-version-platform. This is available for download from
  • Java SE 1.6 or later available from