Print DevInfo

The final section of the main class displays the results of the DevInfo data class data returned in the sysInfo object:

List<DevInfo> devList = sysInfo.getDevInfos();
Iterator<DevInfo> devIter = devList.iterator();
while (devIter.hasNext()) {
	DevInfo devInfo =;
	print("DEVICE", devInfo.getName());
	print("DEVICE", devInfo.getVendor());
	print("DEVICE", devInfo.getModel());
	print("DEVICE", devInfo.getSerial());
	print("DEVICE", devInfo.getCapacity());

Unlike the General data class which contains a single set of attributes, the DevInfo object is actually a Java List of DevInfo objects. This is because there are usually multiple devices on a system where-as there is usually only a single hostname as found in the General data class.