Account Data Class Attributes

Account Data Details

Table 2.1. Account Data Details

User NameUserNameUsername used to login to system. 
Unique IDUserIDUnique system identifier for user. 
TypeTypeType of account. 
StatusStatusStatus of account. 
Account DatabaseDatabaseDatabase source where account is defined. 
First NameFirstNameFirst name of account user. 
Last NameLastNameLast name of account user. 
Full NameFullNameFull name (first middle last) of account user. 
CommentCommentComment about this account. 
Home DirectoryHomeDirHome (login) directory. 
ShellShellUser's shell program executed at login. 
Primary Group NamePrimaryGroupNameName of user's primary group membership. 
Primary Group IDPrimaryGroupIDID of user's primary group membership. 
Group NamesGroupNamesList of system groups user is a member of. 
Group IDsGroupIDsList of system group IDs user is a member of.