PartInfo Data Class Attributes

PartInfo Data Details

Table 5.5. PartInfo Data Details

TitleTitleTitle of partition. 
Device PathDevPathPath to block device./dev/dsk/c0t0s1
Device Path RawDevPathRawPath to raw device./dev/rdsk/c0t0s1
Device NameDevNameName of device.c0t0
Base Device NameBaseNameBase name of device.c0t0s1
Partition NameNameName of partition.s1
Partition NumberNumberPartition Number.1
Mount NameMntNameMounted name./usr
Mount OptionsMntOptsMount,quota
TypeTypeMount Type.nfs
Type DescriptionTypeDescMount Type Description.nfs
Type NumberTypeNumNumeric value for type. 
Usage StatusUsageStatusUsage status. 
Manager of PartitionManagerSubsystem which manages/controls the partition. 
Size (MB)SizeSize of partition in megabytes. 
Used Space (MB)AmtUsedAmount of space used in megabytes. 
Sector Size (bytes)SectSizeSize of each sector in bytes. 
Starting SectorStartSectSector of disk where partition begins. 
Ending SectorEndSectSector of disk where partition ends. 
Number of SectorsNumSectThe number of sectors on the disk that partition occupies. 
Usage TypeUsageUsage type of partition.