License Data Class Attributes

License Data Details

Table 8.2. License Data Details

Software NameSoftNameName of software. 
Software VersionSoftVerVersion of software 
Software Vendor NameSoftVendorName of software vendor. 
License TypeTypeType of license. 
License CategoryCategoryCategory of license. 
Port NumberPortPort number license server runs on. 
Allowed License CountCountMaximum number of licenses allowed to be used. 
FileFileFile license resides in. 
Server Software NameServerSoftName of license server software. 
Server Software VersionServerVerVersion of license server software. 
Vendor License Server SoftwareVendorServerSoftName of vendor license server software. 
Vendor License Server VersionVendorServerVerVersion of vendor license server software. 
License IssuerIssuerName of license issuing organization. 
Host IDHostidThe Host ID license is tied/intended for. 
Issue DateIssueDateThe date the license was issued. 
Start DateStartDateThe date the license starts. 
Expire DateExpireDateThe date the license expires. 
Serial NumberSerialLicense serial number. 
KeyKeyLicense key suitable for use during installation or authorization of the product. 
Key EncryptedKeyEncEncrypted License Key.