SoftInfo Data Class Attributes

SoftInfo Data Details

Table 16.1. SoftInfo Data Details

Entry TypeEntryTypeEntry Type 
NameNameName of package/product 
Software Unique IdentificationIDUnique value which identifies the software. 
Description SummaryDescriptionDescription Summary 
Description VerboseDescVerboseDescription Verbose 
Help URLURLhelpProduct Help URL 
Update URLURLupdateProduct Update URL 
Entitlement (License) Required?EntitlementRequiredIndicates wheather an entitlement (license) is required to legally use the software. 
Legal License InformationLicenseInformation about how the software is licensed. 
License KeyLicenseKeyLicense Key (Serial Number) typically issued by software's manufacturer. 
License/Activiation StatusLicenseStatusCurrent License Status. 
License Status (String)LicenseStatusStrLicense Status (String). 
Channel NameChannelNameChannel Name software targeted for. 
Channel TypeChannelTypeChannel Type software targeted for. 
Channel Type (String)ChannelTypeStrChannel Type software targeted for. 
Customer TypeCustomerTypeCustomer Type software targeted for. 
Customer Type (String)CustomerTypeStrCustomer Type software targeted for. 
CopyrightCopyrightCopyright Message 
Category TypeCategoryTypeStandardized category type. This type will be consistant across platforms. 
CategoryCategoryCategory is a free-form string which is take directly from the OS/package. This field will vary widely from platform-to-platform. 
Sub CategorySubCategorySub Category entry belongs to. This field will vary widely from platform-to-platform. 
OS NameOSnameOperating System Name 
OS VersionOSversionOperating System Version 
Application ArchitectureArchApplication Architecture product runs on 
Instruction Set ArchitectureISArchInstruction Set Architecture Product runs on 
Installation DateInstDateInstallation Date 
Installation Date (Time)InstDateTimeInstallation Date (Time) 
Install SourceInstSourceInstallation source 
Release DateReleaseDateRelease Date 
Release Date (Time)ReleaseDateTimeRelease Date (Time) 
Build DateBuildDateBuild Date 
Build Date (Time)BuildDateTimeBuild Date (Time) 
Production StampProdStampProduction Stamp 
Base DirectoryBaseDirBase Directory where installed 
Package DependenciesPkgDepsList of packages product depends upon 
Disk Usage (bytes)DiskUsageDisk Usage for product 
Disk Usage AmountDiskUsageStrDisk Usage for product (String) 
File ListFileListList of files belong to product 
Vendor NameVendorNameVendor Name 
Vendor IdentificationVendorIDVendor Identification 
Vendor EmailVendorEmailVendor Email 
Vendor PhoneVendorPhoneVendor Phone 
Vendor StockVendorStockVendor Stock Number