VmGuest Data Class Attributes

VmGuest Data Details

Table 20.1. VmGuest Data Details

VM Software NameVmSoftwareNameName of VM SoftwareVMware ESX
VM Software VersionVmSoftwareVersionVersion of VM Software3.5
VM Software VendorVmSoftwareVendorVendor of VM SoftwareVMware
VM Network Interface NameVmNetIfNameVM Network Interface NameBridged0
VM Guest PathVmGuestPathVM Guest Path/vol/vm/guest1
NameNameName of VMbuzzvm1
LabelLabelCustomer label for VMQA Test VM 1
Local IDLIDLocal ID1
StateStateState of VMrunning
Boot TypeBootTypeBoot Typemanual
Guest OS NameGuestOsNameName of OS installed in Guest VMSolaris
Guest OS VersionGuestOsVersionVersion of OS installed in Guest VM10
Guest SerialGuestSerialGuest Serial Number of VMV9834856
Guest Memory SizeGuestMemorySizeMemory Size assigned to Guest512 MB
Guest CPU CountGuestCpuCountCount of CPUs assigned to Guest2
Guest IP AddressGuestIpAddrGuest IP Address10.1.2.55
Guest IP HostnameGuestIpHostnameGuest IP Hostnamewww.acme.com
Guest MAC AddressGuestMacAddrGuest MAC Address00:0B:DC:12:34