Chapter 4. Installation on Microsoft® Windows® based Operating Systems

Table of Contents

Standard Installation for Windows®
Installation Instructions
Advanced Installation for Windows®
Installer Command Line Options
Installation without User Input


This chapter describes the procedures for installing SysInfo™ on Microsoft® Windows® based Operating Systems.

There are three installation procedures available:

  1. Standard Installation for Windows® is an easy-to-use Windows® GUI setup program for installing the ready-to-run binary distributions of SysInfo™. This type of installation can be customized to meet the needs of nearly all customers. Everything you need is ready to install. This is the fastest and easiest means of installing SysInfo™. We strongly recommend this method for most customers.

  2. Advanced Installation for Windows® allows for specialized installation of binary distributions including automated installations requiring no user input. This procedure should be used primarily by those who need to automate the installation of SysInfo™ across multiple systems, especially in environments with a large number of systems on which SysInfo™ will be installed.

  3. Source Installation builds the software from source code (provided you have access to it) and installs the resulting built product. This procedure is very time consuming and exacting in its requirements. We highly recommend you use either the the section called “Standard Installation for Windows®” or the section called “Advanced Installation for Windows®” procedure.


  • Have your license file ready if you are installing a permanent license now. See the License Requirements section for more information.

  • Make sure you read the Release Notes before proceeding. This file contains valuable information on what system platforms are supported.