Advanced Installation for Windows®


With the Advanced Installation for Windows®, you can perform specialized installations on Windows® based Operating Systems requiring no user input.

Installer Command Line Options

The following command line arguments are accepted by the SysInfo™ installer:

/hPrint usage/help information and then exit./h
/SPerform silent installation without displaying any installation windows or asking the user for any input. Note that this is a capital S. A lower case s will not be recognized./S
LICENSEFILE=fileSpecify the name of the license file to install.LICENSEFILE=C:\Temp\license.mcl
PACKAGES=pkg1,pkg2,...Specify the list of component packages to install. These are the values found in the Choose Components screen of the GUI installation.PACKAGES=Base,Agent,Doc,GUI
TARGETDIR=dirSpecify the directory under which the product should be installed.TARGETDIR=C:\Program Files\MagniComp\SysInfo

Installation without User Input

Using this procedure you can install SysInfo™ on Windows® systems silently and without any user input. No installation window will be displayed.

This type of installation can be run from any Windows® command prompt or via any other means of launching commands such as from Microsoft® System Management Server (SMS) or other management platform. Please note that SysInfo™ does not provide any reporting data to these management platforms, but can easily be installed and managed as an installed application.

The following command line options can be used for a silent, no user input installation:

    /S TARGETDIR=dir

For example, to install the x86 distribution with the Base and Agent components and specify a license file you would run:

mcsysinfo-7-H8-win-x86.exe /S PACKAGES=Base,Agent LICENSEFILE=C:\Temp\license.mcl