NetIf Data Details

Table 7.1. NetIf Data Details

Name of InterfaceNameThe name of the device as assigned by the operation system. 
Driver NameDriverDevice driver name. 
Address TypeAddrTypeThe address type. 
Interface TypeIfTypeThe type of interface. 
Host AddressHostAddrHost (OS) assigned address. 
Host NameHostNameHost (OS) assigned name corresponding to Host Address. 
Current MAC AddressMACaddrCurrent MAC Address. 
Current MAC Host NameMACnameCurrent host name associated with MAC address. 
Factory MAC AddressFacMACaddrFactory assigned MAC address. 
Factory MAC Host NameFacMACnameName associated with factory MAC address. 
Network AddressNetAddrNetwork Address configured on interface. 
Network NameNetNameName of network configured on interface. 
Network MaskNetMaskNetwork Mask 
Broadcast AddressBroadcastBroadcast Address configured on interface. 
Gateway AddressGatewayAddrAddress of default gateway. 
Gateway NameGatewayNameName of host used as default gateway. 
StatusStatusCurrent status of interface. 
StateStateCurrent state of interface. 
Media TypeMediaTypeType of physical media. 
Media Sub TypeMediaSubTypeSub type of physical media. 
Link SpeedSpeedCurrent speed of link. 
Link DuplexDuplexLink duplex. 
DHCP DataDhcpDHCP client data. 
Interface FlagsFlagsInterface Flags 
Unit numberUnitUnit number. 
ModelModelModel of hardware.