Process Data Details

Table 11.1. Process Data Details

Process IDProcIDThe unique process ID.123
Command with argumentsCmdFull command with arguments.init -s
Command NameCmdNameCommand name without arguments.init
User NameUserNameThe username the process is running as.jsmith
Terminal TTYTtyThe TTY device process is running from.jsmith
CPU RuntimeCpuTime_IntegerLargeCPU Runtime formated.30
CPU RuntimeCpuTime_StringCPU Runtime formated.30
Percent of CPUCpuPercentPercent of CPU5.1
Total Resident Memory UsedResMem_IntegerLargeTotal Resident (RSS) Memory Used (KBYTES). 
Total Resident Memory UsedResMem_StringTotal Resident (RSS) Memory Used (KBYTES). 
Total Virtual Memory UsedVirtMem_IntegerLargeTotal Virtual Memory Used. 
Total Virtual Memory UsedVirtMem_StringTotal Virtual Memory Used.