StorSys Data Details

Table 15.1. StorSys Data Details

Model DescriptionModelDesc  
Serial NumberSerial  
System IDId  
Name of OSOsName  
OS VersionOsVersion  
OS ReleaseOsRelease  
Size of Cache (MB)CacheSize  
Size of CacheCacheSizeStr  
Total CapacityCapacity  
Total Capacity (MB)CapacityNum  
Number of Physical DisksNumDisks  
Number of Spare DisksNumDisksSpare  
Number of Active DisksNumDisksActive  
Number of Failed DisksNumDisksFailed  
Number of Disks not ConfiguredNumUnConfigDisks  
Number of System DevicesNumSysDevs  
Number of Host Physical DevicesNumPhysDevs  
Physical Device ListPhysDevList  
Time of System Power On (seconds)PwrOnTime  
Time of System Power OnPwrOnTimeStr  
Time of last Initial Primary LoadLastIplTime  
Time of last Initial Primary LoadLastIplTimeStr  
Time of last Fast Initial Primary LoadLastFastIplTime  
Time of last Fast Initial Primary LoadLastFastIplTimeStr  
System Up Time (seconds)Uptime  
System Up Time (days)UptimeDays  
System Micro CodeMicroCode  
Memory BoardsMemBoards  
Physical DisksDisks  
Storage GroupsGroups  
Attached DevInfo ChildrenDevInfoChildren  
List of Cluster Partner HostnamesClusterPartners  
Devices Attached to SystemDevices  
Licensed FeaturesLicenses