SysInfo Source Code Distribution Policy

Last Modified 8/12/2004


Starting with SysInfo 5.1, source code will be subject to the SysInfo Source Code Distribution Policy (this document). SysInfo versions prior to 5.1 are not subject to this policy, but continue to be legally protected by international copyright law and are still subject to the appropriate SysInfo License agreements.

We understand the value of providing source code to our customers and will continue to strive to accomplish this. This policy is intended to reduce the number of people who use the source code to illegally bypass our license enforcement code and/or otherwise violate our license terms. We will gladly accept your feedback on this policy at the email address of


SysInfo 5.1 and later Source Code will be made available under the following conditions:

  1. You must meet any one of these conditions:
  2. You must have a registered account on (Click on Customer Services then Create Account).
  3. You must accept the terms of the SysInfo Source License Agreement when you download the source code.

Subject to change without notice. Submit feedback to