MagniComp(tm) SysInfo(tm) 9 GA

May 11, 2009

MagniComp(tm) announces the General Availability (GA) release of SysInfo(tm) 9 with major new features such as support for XML output, new Virtual Machine enhancements, and support for discovery of 17 additional enterprise software products.


The following are major new features introduced in this release:

Please see the Release Notes at for more details.


The following platform changes have taken place in this release:


Existing Customers

Customers with existing licenses for prior versions must obtain a new license. License upgrades are available for free to customers with a valid Maintenance Agreement or for a 50% discount for upgrading a previous version license. To obtain your free or discounted upgrades, please visit the MagniComp online Customer Service Center:

New Customers

This release will run in demo mode with full functionality for thirty (30) days. Permanent licenses are available for purchase online from the MagniComp Customer Service Center:

Add-on Licenses

The Storage System class requires a license in order to use this feature. A Storage System Base license is built into the SysInfo product and provides basic storage system data such as make, model, serial number, and storage capacity. A Storage System Professional license is required to receive the full spectrum of storage system data. Storage System Professional licenses must be purchased either with a SysInfo product license purchase or seperately. For a comparison of Base vs. Professional, please see
A demo license of Storage System Professional is built into the SysInfo product and is enabled automatically for 30 days - with or without a permanent SysInfo product license - after which time the license reverts to a Storage System Base level. You always need a valid demo or permanent SysInfo product license in order to use any edition of the Storage System feature.


To download, please visit:


Instructions on how to install SysInfo are available as:


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