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Current Status

This release is considered an alpha test release. It should be used for testing and evaluation, but is not yet ready for production use.

Current Information

For the most complete and up to date info, please see the RDist Home Page:



RDist is a tool for Unix/Linux based systems for distributing and maintaining identical copies of files from one system to many systems. Please read the rdist(1) man page or read the paper Overhauling Rdist for the '90s" for further details.

Bug Reports

Since MagniComp provides RDist for free, we cannot provide any support for it. However, we do encourage you to report problems to rdist-bugs@magnicomp.com. We also encourage you to include source diffs/patches for any bugs you fix or new features you create. While we are not able to respond to all submissions, we do look at and evaluate all reports. Reports which include debugging information have a higher likelihood of being evaluated. Reports which include source files/patches have the best chance of being addressed and incorporated into future releases.

Mailing Lists

ListHow to SubscribeDescription
  1. Go to https://www.MagniComp.com/cgi-bin/mcacct.cgi/Action=create
  2. Fill out the form and select rdist at the bottom of the form.
  3. Click Create Account
Announcements about new versions of RDist.
rdist-dev Send an email to rdist-dev-request@usc.edu with the word Subscribe in the Subject line. RDist developers list. Discussion on features, bugs, suggestions.

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