Print General

The next section of code displays the results of the General data class data returned in the sysInfo object:

print("GENERAL", sysInfo.getGeneral().getHostName());
print("GENERAL", sysInfo.getGeneral().getOsName());
print("GENERAL", sysInfo.getGeneral().getOsVersion());
print("GENERAL", sysInfo.getGeneral().getOsDistName());
print("GENERAL", sysInfo.getGeneral().getOsDistVersion());
print("GENERAL", sysInfo.getGeneral().getSystemModel());
print("GENERAL", sysInfo.getGeneral().getSystemManufacturerFull());

Each line passes a TypeString object to the print method. All SysInfo data class's consist of attributes. Each attribute has a defined type. Each defined type is self-describing. That is, it contains not just a value but descriptive data like a description of what the value is and a brief "label" value suitable for display.

We have choosen to report only attributes which are of type TypeString in this example.