Chapter 6. Standards Support

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This release is compliant with the standards indicated in the table below.

Table 6.1. Standards Supported

Standard NameDescription of Compliance
ATA Revision 3.0ATA Revision 3.0 is supported for device discovery.
DMI SMBIOS 2.6.0DMI SMBIOS 2.6.0 is supported for system and device attribute discovery on most x86/x64 platforms.
EDID v1.3VESA EDID v1.3 monitor data is discovered and reported on most x86/x64 platforms.
IPv4IP Version 4 addresses are discovered and reported.
IPv6IP Version 6 addresses are discovered and reported.
ISO 19770-2SysInfo™ searches for ISO 19770-2 software tag files and uses these as a means of discovering what software is installed. SysInfo™ will also install a software tag file for itself during installation.
SCSISCSI device query is used for device discovery.