DevInfo Data Class Attributes

DevInfo Data Details

Table 5.1. DevInfo Data Details

Name of DeviceNameThe primary (canonical) name of the device as assigned by the operation system.c0t0d0
Node IdentifierNodeIDThe unique node ID typically used internally by the OS. 
Node PathNodePathThe unique system node path typically used internally by the OS. 
Alternative NameAltNameA well known alternative name used by the OS to refer to this device.sd0
Aliases for NameAliasesA list of device name aliases this device is also known as to the operating system.disk0,sdisk0
Compatibility Names for DeviceCompatNamesA list of device class names this device is compatible with.vga,display
Driver NameDriverThe name of the device driver managing this
Device TypeTypeThe primary device type classification.diskdrive
Device Class TypeClassTypeThe secondary device type (sub) classification.scsi
VendorVendorThe hardware vendor or built this device.Acme
ModelModelThe hardware model name.A12345
Model DescriptionModelDescA description of the model and/or additional info describing the hardware.High Speed
CapacityCapacityThe capacity (size, etc) of the hardware.100 GB
Capacity (bytes)CapacityNumThe capacity (size, etc) of the hardware in bytes.100000000000
SpeedSpeedThe speed of the device. Typically this is clock speed (in hertz), bits/second, or RPMs.40 Mb
Part NumberPartThe part number assigned by the Vendor.X1234
RevisionRevisionThe hardware revision of the device.A01
Serial NumberSerialThe serial number assigned by the Vendor to uniquely identify the device.XN1234546
World Wide IdentifierWWIDUnique identifier which includes a unique vendor code and device identifier.3600a098000a264070000042a57a185bf
Physical LocationLocationThe physical location of the device. Usually this is a slot ID or mainboard location coordinate.SLOT0
StatusStatusThe status of the device. Typically this is whether the device is running or not.ONLINE
StateStateThe state of the device. Typically this is whether the device is functional or broken.RUNNING
Device FilesFilesA list of device files made available by the OS to access the device./dev/dsk/c0t0d0, /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0
Unit NumberUnitThe unit number of the device.0
Bus NumberBusThe bus number of the device.0
Bus Device NumberBusDevNumThe device number relative to the bus.0
Bus Port NumberPortThe port number relative to the bus.0
Feature FlagsFeaturesFeature flags 
Device MasterMasterName of the parent which owns this entrypci1234,5678/0