DiskDrive Data Class Attributes

DiskDrive Data Details

Table 5.2. DiskDrive Data Details

Data TypeDataTypeThe source of this data. 
Disk LabelLabelThe label on the disk as usually written by the OS 
Unit NumberUnitThe unit number of the disk. 
Slave NumberSlaveThe slave number of the disk. 
Data CylindersDataCylThe number of usuable data cylinders. 
Physical CylindersPhyCylThe number of physical cylinders. 
Alternate CylindersAltCylThe number of alternative cylinders 
Cylinder SkewCylSkewCylinder Skew 
Alternates per CylinderAPCThe number of alternates per cylinders. 
TracksTracksThe number of tracks 
Alternate Tracks per ZoneAltTracksPerZoneThe number of alternate tracks per zone 
Alternate Tracks per VolumeAltTracksPerVolThe number of alternate tracks per volume 
Track SkewTrackSkewTrack Skew 
SectorsSectThe number of usable sectors per track 
Sector Size (bytes)SecSizeThe size of a sector in bytes 
Physical SectorsPhySectThe number of physical sectors per track. 
Alternate Sectors per ZoneAltSectPerZoneThe number of alternate sectors per zone. 
Sector GapSectGapThe length between sectors. 
Steps per TrackStepsPerTrackThe number of steps per track. 
Revolutions Per MinuteRPMSpeed in Revolutions Per Minute. 
Interleave FactorIntrLvThe interleave factor. 
PROM RevisionPROMRevThe PROM revision. 
Size (MB)SizeThe capacity size. 
Disk ControllerCtlrController the disk belongs to. 
Partition Label TypePartLabelTypeThe type of partition label used to partition the disk. 
Partition InformationPartInfoPartitions of the disk.