Chapter 3. What's New in this Release

Table of Contents

Major New Features/Improvements
New and Changed Platform Support

Major New Features/Improvements

The major new features introduced in this release since the last version 7 (7.0) release are:

  • Software Discovery Language is an interpreted scripting language implemented in SysInfo™ to discover software products. SysInfo™ uses SDL scripts to discovery and collect SysInfo™ Software class data for software products which do not register themselves with the native operating system software registry (Windows Registry, RPM, swinstall, pkgs, etc).

    SDL scripts are interpretted at runtime and thus are able to be added, deleted, and modified to an existing SysInfo™ binary installation. Customers can choose to add and maintain their own set of SDL scripts to support their specific environment and applications.

  • New BIOS data class has been added. This new class provides more consistant and detailed data on system BIOS than supported via the Hardware and General classes.

  • Intel CPU Model reporting is now much more accurate and aligned with other CPU Model reporting tools such as Intel's and CPU-Z.

  • Bug fixes from the previous release have now been all rolled up into this release to provide a more stable and reliable product.

  • Documentation has been updated and expanded

For a complete list of new features and bug fixes in this release, please read the doc/CHANGES.txt file found in the distribution.