Standard Installation for Windows®


With the Standard Installation for Windows®, an easy-to-use Windows® GUI installer installs SysInfo™ quickly on Windows® based Operating Systems. This is the fastest and easiest means of installing SysInfo™. We strongly recommend nearly all customers install using this method as this will save you significant time.

Installation Instructions

  1. Choose the product distribution file you wish to download. The available product distributions for download are as follows:

    Product Distribution NameProduct Distribution FileContents
    Full runtime environment (Recommended for end users)mcsysinfo-7-H8-os-arch.exeStandard end-user runtime with CLI, GUI, agent. You likely just want this distribution file.
    Runtime environment without any user interfacemcsysinfo-7-H8-os-arch-noui.exeThis distribution does not include the CLI or GUI, but does include everything you need to output mcsysinforeport(5) data. This product file is intended for our OEM customers.

    You likely will only need the Full runtime environment distribution.

  2. Follow the instructions to Download the product distribution file you choose in the previous step.

  3. You should have a file named mcsysinfo-7-H8-os-arch.exe e.g. For a Windows x86 distribution, the file would be called mcsysinfo-7-H8-win-x86.exe

  4. Quit all running instances of SysInfo™.

  5. Log on to the system using the Administrator account or any account in the Administrators group. If you do not install SysInfo™ with these privileges, SysInfo™ will not be able to provide its full compliment of data.

  6. Launch the installation by double clicking on the mcsysinfo-7-H8-os-arch.exe file you downloaded.

  7. If any version of SysInfo™ is detected as already being installed, the installer will prompt you to uninstall it before proceeding. Only one version of SysInfo™ may be installed at a time so you need to remove the previous version.

  8. On the Welcome screen click Next

  9. On the License Terms screen click I accept to proceed or I do not accept to end the installation.

  10. On the Product License screen select License File and enter the path to a MagniComp license file then click Next to proceed. You can optionally click on the button with the three dots to browse and select a license file. If you wish to evaluate (DEMO) SysInfo™, then select Evaluate and click Next to continue.

  11. On the Choose Installation Location screen select the directory under which you wish to install SysInfo™. We recommend you accept the provided default value. Click Next to proceed.

  12. On the Choose Components screen select the components you wish to install. We recommend you install all components (the default). The Base component should always be installed. The Agent component is required if SysInfo™ will be run by any user without Administrators group privileges. Click Next to proceed.

  13. On the Choose Start Menu Folder screen enter the path you wish to use for the Start Menu menu items. We recommend you accept the default value. Click Install to proceed with installing files and updating the system.

  14. The installation is now complete. You can launch SysInfo™ by going to the Start menu, then select Programs MagniComp SysInfo