Technology Licensing Solutions for OEMs

Integrate the industry's most extensive IT asset inventory and configuration agent into your product.

MagniComp's premier SysInfo™ product enables IT organizations worldwide to find and view highly detailed system, software, and hardware information on the widest variety of Windows, Linux, Mac, and UNIX platforms.

MagniComp products are embedded in a broad range of products including the top enterprise network management software products and as a key diagnostic and support tool in the world's premier document printing solutions.

Why partner with us?

Our OEM Partners profit from incorporating our industry-leading IT asset inventory and configuration agent into their own products and services to provide extremely detailed system inventory and configuration of hardware, software, OS configuration, and storage asset management.

Our software is designed to be integrated with your hardware, software or service solutions to help you expand the depth and breadth of your offerings.

Discover the benefits of working with us:

Simple, low-risk integration
SysInfo is easy to embed in your solution's architecture. Our output encoding provides a field delimited format, which is easy to parse and convert into your own format.

Dedicated support
Our technical support centers operate 24x7, and our dedicated OEM support team will give you the consultancy and tools you need for successful integration.

Proven reliability
Since 1992, MagniComp has been creating the world's best and most comprehensive tools for managing UNIX, Linux, Apple Mac, and Windows based systems.

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