Risk and Compliance

Managing risk and compliance can be a burden for many IT organizations. It becomes a balancing act between reducing rising IT costs and maintain compliance with key industry and regulatory requirements. With MagniComp SysInfo, IT professionals can easily manage and control its IT assets on a single system to ensure it is maximizing its resources. MagniComp SysInfo allows IT organizations the ability to view and report on single system inventory and configuration data.

MagniComp SysInfo provides IT organizations the ability to:

  • Manage and control IT costs for hardware, software and potentially services
  • Review high level system data or deeper level configuration data in an easy-to-manage view.
  • Reconcile and report on assets on a single system
  • Ensure compliance with key industry and regulatory requirements, such as, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA and more.

In addition, for IT organizations who prefer to build a custom Configuration and Management Database (CMDB), MagniComp SysInfo provides an easy to deploy option as the discovery agent.

To learn more about how SysInfo can address your IT asset management needs, please read more at MagniComp SysInfo or contact us.