SysInfo Technical Support

Support Eligibility

MagniComp™ offers the following types of Technical Support for SysInfo™:

  • Pre-sales Support - Free support is available to anybody evaluating SysInfo for purchase. Our Technical Support group is ready to answer your questions and help overcome any technical problems you might encounter during your evaluation.
  • Customer Maintenance - If you purchased a Maintenance Agreement with your license, then you are eligible to receive Technical Support while your Maintenance is valid.

Required Information

When reporting a problem, please provide the information specified below to help speed up problem resolution.

Installation related problems

  1. Your License ID or Maintenance Agreement number. For information on how to determine your License ID Number, click here. If this is a Pre-Sales Support request, please state such.
  2. A description of the problem, including if the problem occurs on more than one system.
  3. Operating System name and version, e.g. Solaris 2.6
  4. Your system's hardware model, e.g. Sun Ultra-2
  5. If you are on a UNIX, Linux, or Mac system, please create a script of the problem using the script(1) command:
prompt% script /tmp/sysinfo.problem.log
prompt% /bin/sh
Some error message
prompt% gzip /tmp/sysinfo.problem.log

The file /tmp/sysinfo.problem.log.gz should then be attached to your email to Technical Support.

Post-installation problems

  1. A description of the problem including if the problem occurs on more than one system.
  2. SysInfo debug output. Use the following command to obtain debug output:
prompt% mcsysinfo --msglevel all --cache no --debug --logfile sysinfo-debug.txt \
 --output sysinfo-output.txt
prompt% gzip sysinfo-output.txt sysinfo-debug.txt

The files sysinfo-debug.txt.gz and should then be sent via email as an attachment. Sending the debug output in the body of an email will make it very difficult for us to analyze the data which will increase the time it takes to resolve the problem.