Free Educational License Program


MagniComp™believes strongly in supporting educational institutions throughout the world. Our SysInfo™ Free Educational License Program provides FREE licenses to fully accredited educational institutions for use on all systems owned or leased by the institution. To be eligible for this program, your organization must be fully accredited in your country as a primary education school or a degree issuing college or university.

Please note that Support is not included and needs to be purchased if you need it. See the Support section below for details.

Automatic Free Licenses

If you are using one of the educational domains known to SysInfo™ then SysInfo™ will run automatically with an unlimited license. You do not need to obtain a license from MagniComp™. The following domains are recognized by the current version of SysInfo™:

  • .edu
  • .edu.xx
  • .ac.xx

The list of domain names changes from time to time. To see if your domain is recognized as a free education domain, run sysinfo -license.

If it says you have a DEMO license, then you will need to register for a free license.

Register for Free Licenses

If you use a domain which is not recognized by SysInfo™ as an automatic free license domain, then you will need to register to obtain a free license using the following procedure:

  1. Create an Account if you don't already have one. Set the Type of Company or Organization to be Commercial.
  2. Send an email to [email protected] and provide the following information:
    • Your MagniComp Account ID.
    • The country where your organization physically exists.
    • The URL of your organization's web page. Unfortunately we can only read English, so please make sure to let us know how to view your web site in English.
  3. MagniComp will change the Type of Company or Organization for your account to Education within 1 week of receipt of the required information. You will be notified by email when this is completed.
  4. Once your Account's Type of Company or Organization has been set to Education, login to Customer Services and click on Purchase. You will be guided through the purchase process, but will not be charged anything. Upon completion of this free purchase process, your license will be emailed to you.


While we are able to offer free licenses to qualified organizations, we are not able to offer free Support. If you wish to receive Support you will need to purchase it as follows:

  1. Follow the procedure to Register for Free Licenses above. You need to do this regardless of whether you are using an automatic free license domain.
  2. Login to Customer Services.
  3. Click on Get a Free License. Follow the prompts to enter the number of licenses you want. On the Support screen indicate the appropriate number of years of Support you want. When you complete this process you will have a quote for the number of indicated free licenses with Support. Follow the indicated directions to complete your purchase.