Deployment Options

Automatic Deployment of SysInfo to UNIX Based Systems

If you have multiple UNIX (UNIX, Linux, Mac) systems you wish to deploy SysInfo to, you should consider using mcsysinfodeploy. mcsysinfodeploy is a UNIX sh(1) script which uses SSH and RSH to copy and install SysInfo on to multiple systems.

Although mcsysinfodeploy can be used without change, it may not meet everyone's needs. We encourage you to copy and customize mcsysinfodeploy as required.

If you will be using SSH for deployment and will be installing the SysInfo Agent (the recommended default), you must install SysInfo 6.0-H3 or later. If you install older versions of SysInfo with the SysInfo Agent, the SSH command will hang on each client due to a "bug" in SSH. A workaround for this is found in newer versions of SysInfo.

You must have SSH or RSH installed and configured on the host you run mcsysinfodeploy on and on each system you wish to install on. Most modern UNIX operating systems include both SSH and RSH.

If you are going to use SSH, it's recommended that you setup some form of SSH password-less authentication which allows the host you run mcsysinfodeploy on to login to each target system. We recommend the SSH Keychain software as one such option.

If you are going to use RSH, you will need to setup rhosts(5) access which allows the host you run mcsysinfodeploy on to rsh into each target system.

How to Get mcsysinfodeploy
The mcsysinfodeploy program is distributed with SysInfo 6.0-H3 and later. It is located in the same bin directory as mcsysinfo itself.

Running mcsysinfodeploy
Here's an example of how to deploy to hosts sneezy and sleepy using SSH:

mcsysinfodeploy --dist --licensefile license.mcl \
  --ssh sneezy sleepy

If you wish to install the software in a directory other than the default of /opt/sysinfo you would run:

mcsysinfodeploy --dist --licensefile license.mcl \
  --installdir /tools/sysinfo \
  --ssh sneezy sleepy