MagniComp Products

For over 15 years, MagniComp has focused on providing leading, IT asset management technology to its customers and partners. Partnering with global 2000, multi-national organizations, MagniComp has been a key integration element for a more comprehensive asset management solution worldwide, with installations in Fortunate 500 organizations.

SysInfo is a single system agent and viewer providing extensive IT asset inventory and configuration information for most major Linux, UNIX, Apple Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows platforms as well as leading NAS and SAN Storage Systems and logical volume software solutions. SysInfo provides extremely detailed system inventory and configuration of hardware, software, OS configuration, and storage asset management in including XML and HTML --- all through a standalone Command Line Interface (CLI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI). Learn more »

Software Tag Maker™

The FREE Software Tag Maker™ allows ISV's and IT organizations to create ISO 19770-2 software tag files. Try It »


RDist is an open source program to maintain identical copies of files over multiple hosts. It preserves the owner, group, mode, and mtime of files and can update programs that are executing. Learn More »