SysInfo™ is a single system agent and viewer providing extensive IT asset inventory and configuration information for most major Linux, UNIX, Apple Macintosh, and Microsoft Windows platforms as well as leading NAS and SAN Storage Systems and logical volume software solutions. SysInfo provides extremely detailed system inventory and configuration of hardware, software, OS configuration, and storage asset management in XML and HTML --- all through a standalone Command Line Interface (CLI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Since 1992, MagniComp's™ SysInfo™ product has enabled organizations worldwide to obtain highly detailed system, software, and hardware asset inventory information. SysInfo has been adopted by many of the Fortune 500 companies ranging from the technology industry to worldwide financial institutions based in New York, London, Germany, and Switzerland. SysInfo is embedded in some of the leading enterprise network management software products and as a key diagnostic and support tool in the world's premier document printing solutions.

SysInfo is an ideal solution for:

  • IT professionals who want an easy to deploy tool for viewing and reporting single system inventory and configuration data.
  • Advanced IT organizations who want to build their own custom Configuration and Management Database (CMDB) using SysInfo as the discovery agent.
  • OEM's who want to embed SysInfo in their product to provide the industry's most extensive inventory and configuration agent on the widest variety of Windows, Linux, Mac, and UNIX platforms.

SysInfo enables System Administrators to quickly see a high level view of a system's configuration or dive deeply into very low level configuration data. You can see something as "simple" as a system's model name or you can plunge down to detailed information such as a disk drive's serial number and RPM speed.

SysInfo supports a sophisticated Command Line Interface (CLI) for consumption by both humans and programs, as well as a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to browse the volumes of data available.

SysInfo is easy to embed in your own program or shell script using our shell or Perl API's. Our parsable output encoding provides a field deliminated format which is easy to parse and convert into your own format or feed into a database.